Event Organizing Tool Kit

This toolkit is designed to help event planners design and set up their events with safe alcohol service guidelines.  It has been created with the assistance and input of several Georgetown Divide organizations and will be updated as we share experiences and work together to create safe and fun events for our community. Please contact Kim Taylor at Drug Free Divide with your suggestions and questions. ktaylor@bomusd.org

5 Steps Toward a Successful Community Event







Preparation is key to a successful event. Don’t be caught off guard! Allow yourself plenty of time to apply for permits and order your supplies, like cups and wristbands too. Decide on service hours, a work schedule for your volunteers, and create a timeline for your event.

1.  Apply for use of Facility.

2.  Apply for your alcohol serving permits at ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control). Application must be completed 14 days in advance of event. DAILY LICENSE APPLICATION/AUTHORIZATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR OBTAINING A DAILY LICENSE General ABC info and official website     Follow this link to GDRD site, for full event application links

Using  GDRD facilities? Don’t forget to fill out GDRD “Event Plan” Application 6 weeks prior to your event. Click for form.

3.  Order your supplies: It is recommended you use clear cups that are distinguishable from non-alcoholic beverage cups and increase visibility and using wristbands means you don’t have to card customers every time. You can also have wristbands printed with your own message or advertisement.

Got Cups? Need Cups?

Costco has clear cups! Visit them online


Type in: “Eco-Products Clear Cups” Costco also offers  Free 2-3 day shipping!

Another source of clear cups: Dart-Conex,

http://www.rydoexpress.com/Dart-Conex-Translucent-Tall-Cup-16-oz-p/dcc16tn.htm (1,000 count $39.80 + $23.12 shipping)

Here are 2 sources for wristbands:



4. Determine your hours of service. Many event coordinators, with the support of their local law enforcement agencies, are  ending alcohol service one hour before the end of an event to promote safe driving on the way home.

5.  Training. Assign one person to be in charge of checking in with all of your servers. That way everyone knows what the plan is and who to check with if they need assistance.

Training on safe service can include: How to: ~Check ids  ~Refuse service  ~Liability and Responsibility  ~Have a plan for problem solving and teamwork

6.  Create Your Guidelines Checklist.

2)Event Signage:

Please click here for our event signage gallery! Find a sign you like and click it for a printable PDF or stop by Drug Free Divide or GDRD.




What guidelines do you want to follow? Here you will find excellent resources on serving and liability. Please click on provided resources for better viewing and its PDF printable version.


Click on documents for a larger view!


To Report a crime, incident, or situation:
Go to www.edso.org, click: “online services” from the left column.
then click: Submit an Anonymous Crime Tip
Or phone:
621-6000 non-emergency, suspicious activities
621-7400 ext 8767 (Deputy Fitzgerald’s voice mail)
Sean Fitzgerald
Deputy Sheriff, El Dorado County
EVENT INCIDENT REPORT Download PDF  VENDOR incident report Download PDF


Help your servers know what to expect. Meet before or day of event with clear guidelines and expectations. Below you’ll find some useful info for your servers. Click on each document for a larger view and printable PDF.



Decide on your guidelines, then print them up and post at your booth! You are welcome to use ours! Click on document for larger view and printable PDF.