Youth Involvement

This proclamation states that the Board of Supervisors of the County of El Dorado support the Drug Free Divide Coalition in their Efforts to Protect Young People on the Georgetown Divide from Exposure to Environments that Encourage the Use of Marijuana.

DFD Proclamation_bos Students Who attended:  Savannah Stevens, Jessica Whittet, Violet Dressler,  Allie Widmann,  Kristine Mendoza,  Katie Wyskosil,  Kevi Pangburn,  Mason Bergland, Saddie Parra, Kat Parra, Leslie Wright.  Adults who attended: Carolyn Barla, Drew Woodall, Sean Fitzgerald, Chief Schwab, John Foley, Cindy Gaffney, Mike Bergland, Stephanie Root, Lucy Oliveira, Kim Taylor, Linda Soto.

Stephanie Roots speech:

The group presenting this proclamation today are members and supporters of the Drug Free Divide coalition.

Drug Free Divide is a diverse coalition of organizations and community members who started to work together about six years ago to address the factors in the Georgetown Divide community that are likely to impact youth and their lifestyle decisions—we work both to decrease the risks and to increase the supports and opportunities that make for healthy development.

Despite our name, Drug Free Divide does not speak with one voice when it comes to issues like marijuana.  For example, like our community, our members have varying views about medical marijuana and the possible legalization of marijuana.

But our proclamation is composed of statements where we have full agreement.

We agree that youth need to be protected from the use of marijuana, because drug use in general and marijuana use specifically is detrimental during the years that their brains are developing. We also agree that a broad spectrum of our community, adults and youth in both organizational and private roles, need to work together to keep youth safe. Thank you for this opportunity to present our proclamation for your support.

Carolyn’s speech:

Our Coalition has great expectations if this proclamation is adopted. If this proclamation is adopted today, we at DFD see at least two opportunities for our community.

First, we look forward to publishing the adopted proclamation in our local newspapers and in other local media in hopes of influencing parents and other community members to be mindful of youth regarding the use, propagation, and distribution of marijuana.

Second, we hope that lawmakers will see in this proclamation our support of policies that protect youth. We hope that this proclamation will be adopted and utilized as a tool in the future to remind the board and community members to think about youth when addressing ordinances and other regulations regarding Marijuana and the shared public environments they affect.

As Stephanie said, Drug Free Divide is all about raising Youth above the influence, in order to protect their brains until they are fully developed. We aim to prepare our youth with a healthy and productive community that will give them the best preparation for school, work and life.

DFD Proclamation official signed